Friday, July 13, 2012

Wraiths at FoB 2012

Last weekend was the fantastic Fields of Blood tournament.

First off a big thanks to Pete Dunn for running the show, it was a top notch event as always. The venue and projecter technology made the event even better than before and more smoothly ran.

Thanks to Ryan for hosting myself and Cody for the weekend and as always good to catch up and talk hobby with Jimmy, Wes, Blaise and Hagen(and hugs).

Mr Bullet Magent and his mates

My odd little Eldar wraith list went to battle against a good variety of opponents and armies as follows.

James with the token Space Wolf force - after knocking me about early on I managed to trash 3 tanks in Kill the Fast Ones, leap into the lead and hold it for the rest of that game. 10 point Win

Blaise with mech Blood Angels. Poor Blaise had only started playing the army that day so it was a little uphill. Some good punch ups but with Wraithlords assaulting small squads and the Wraithwall trucking up the centre I won. We were table of the round too so scored some dice. 12 point Win.

Jack with Dark Eldar - ahh crap - the match up I did not want. You can't beat maths and Jack simply hosed down my force with his numerous splinter weapons completely nullifying the high toughness of my army. Still a very entertaining game and no Eldrad Fortuned cannot soak 200 shots over a couple rounds ;) Loss 0

Josh with mech Blood Angels - now I admit I thought I had this game. I kept a lot of his vehicles suppressed with stunned and shaken. I used the terrain to block his fire lanes and minimise shooting against my forces but lo and behold my Harlequins cant roll more than 1 rend a round over a couple rounds of combat with some FNP marines - boo you suck clowns. After a full 7 rounds Josh got the win by 1 point, if only I could kill 1 marine. Loss 2 points

Brendon with IG - Didn't really know how I would go against the armoured might and many shots of the Imperial Guard but with a snappy redeployment of forces by Eldrads divination I thought I would be on the front foot then... Brendon siezes the Initiative, uh oh! The wraithwall and co take a heavy number of hits without fortune in the first round but I persevere and take the crashed ship once it arrives but alas mass fire from Vendettas, Manticores and his many troops saw a diminished Eldar force lose to two contesting Vet Squads in Vendettas. Got the secondary though for a Loss with 5 points.

Last game and hoping for a win so I go 50/50. I got Jordan Green with his Chaos Marines on the freakin amazing terrain table. A massive structure dominated the middle of the Realm of Battle board with highways and landing pad attached. Most of the terrain was smoking and blocking LoS so I used this to my advantage and marched my whole force up a very narrow fire lane towards Jordans spread forces. Some good run rolls and wraith cannon shots brought down Chaos units each turn and other than being having my Jetbikes harrassed by deep strinking Obliterators I got a good win. Win 15 points.

Overall pretty happy with the results just sneaking into the top half with 25 out of 52. I knew the army would be hit or miss due to a low model count and the weight of fire the top 3 books can bring, but for the end of 5th not too bad. All my opponents were great guys and I honestly enjoyed every game where in some other events there would always be one which didn't sit right. The wraithwall did well soaking a lot of fire and Eldrad is an auto include. The Wraithseer while being fun to have the opportunity to use was the biggest bullet magnet I have used in a while. I think he survived 2 games and Perils of the Warped himself 5 times over the 6 games but when he did work he did it oh so well

I got 3rd in Best Presented with Jack Dunn's fantastic Dark Eldar getting second and Luke Forrest taking first with his amazing Tyranids. As Pete said I have used the same army for a while now ;)

Again thanks to all I played against and Pete, Tom and the others for putting on a great tournie. Congratulations to Charlie St Clair for the top place with his Necrons.

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