Wednesday, June 20, 2012

40K on the horizon - 6th ed & Fields of Blood

Well I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to the gaming juggernaut due to be dropped next weekend.

6th ed 40k will I'm sure be a wonderful full colour tome of gaming just like the 8th ed Fantasy rulebook is. Now the rules of course will be another matter entirely, many many other sources are chatting about the possible rule changes but I shall neglect to speculate and simply wait until I have the book itself to study. I do hope the flyer rules are in though so I can happily 'whoosh' my aircraft about the table.

I will say this though, even if it becomes an overcomplicated behemoth of a game system I will keep playing. I have not rage quit any of my hobbies - I don't count avoiding 4th ed D&D for Pathfinder, it's still D&D. I have spent too many years playing to stop now. I started as a young fella with Rogue Trader having to play the Orks at the Battle of the Farm ,since my mates wanted to use their Space Crusade models to play the Marines. Through the Hero hammer of 2nd ed where a good friend spent his games destroying all the buildings with his Assault Cannon wiedling Wolf Guard terminators. Then the appearance of Dark Eldar with 3rd through the minor tweaking of 4th to the periodically changing meta of 5th. Hell I'm ready for a new set of rules to spice things up.

So come the 30th of June if all accounts are true I shall don my GW fan boy badge and purchase the new rulebook and a set of psychic cards.

However this will be a distraction to the big event of Fields of Blood! I'm pretty pumped for this too and am viewing this as a mighty last hurrah for 5th ed. Overall I'm pretty happy with my performance over this edition. Scored a few 'Best painted' awards, got 2nd at a Masters and a CTA and got my Chainsword for taking High Lords last year. I know others have done much much better - we salute you Mr St Clair ;) But having not played in tournaments for a while before 5th it was a respectable run and all with the Eldar.

So for FoB I am taking the boys from the Craftworld yet again. Now when people see my list I do know it is far far from the most competitive build I could have mustered but bugger it, I started with a Wraithwall, lets leave this edition with one - on crack - I hope. Having playtested my list quite a bit I think I'll do ok whatever that may be. The fact that this is another Pete Dunn run event of course puts it up there too as they are always great events to attend.

At the moment I'm finishing off Cody's Grey Knights which will make the 3rd army I have painted for him this edition! and the 5th 40k army including my varied Eldar forces and Wil's Sisters of Battle. I might finally get onto a second 40k army this new edition, god knows I have the models for enough here.

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  1. I'm sure your wraithwall will serve you well. I know from experience it is going to be rather hard for most armies to shift. Haven't worked on my army for some time, last minute uni assignments and work now is getting in the way.