Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Horned Gobbo - Day 1

Over the weekend I attended Horned Rat/Gobbo and had a great time with 5 challenging games of Warhammer Fantasy.

Now the thing I did think was funny was that during the course of the weekend I was asked many times if I 'was the guy with the scream list' yes, yes I am was my reply ;) Now I was going to name the post 'Strigoi and the Banshees 2012 tour of Lustria' but that may have confused people.

So game 1 had me against Hagen Kerr which I knew straight away would be a challenging entertaining game. He had Lizardmen and this was the start of my growing expertise against the cold blooded ones. Hagen had an ethereal Slaan and the first of many Becalming magic phases where the ability to discard my 6s slowed down my magic a lot, though did save me from a lot of miscasts. The banshees worked well here clearing some of his chaff early as he encircled me with terradons and chameleon skinks to counter my own chaff. The Lore of light was a wonderful buff for the Lizardmen and the ASF and high WS and Initiatives it gave him certainly made a difference in melee but in the end after some big centre field grinding I managed a 12-8 win.

Game 2 was up against Matt Hassel and his Dwarves(hoorah for no Battle of the Pass). I deployed aggressivley and due to the scenario only had my large ghoul block off the board due to the 1 I rolled. Matt had terrible luck and a warmachine and a couple units were held off of his deployment. I took first turn and marched straight across the table at his board edge deployed force(pssh dwarves eh), a large AoE Vanhels then pushed the army even further toward him. He retaliated with some warmachine fire but my crypt horrors deployed in front of the Mortis Engine took a cannonball to the gut and stopped any further damage. His grudge thrower misfired and stopped the shot. My chaff on 1 flank charged his grudge thrower holding it up, Banshees took advantage of some gaps in the line and speed through to attack his other warmachines. Game lent my way heavily from there and I got a 16-4 win.

Game 3 saw another encounter with the Lizardmen, this time Mike King in charge. It was Watchtower and I think I had control though declined to deploy inside. We both moved centrally and I entered the tower after a couple turns with the generals Ghoul block. Mike took advantage of this and made his way around the tower to take down the rest of my army. My mistake was leaving the big power house unit in the tower too long and this took a lot of potential damage away from me which Mike used well. More Becalming of my magic and Lore of Light buffing the Lizards saw him mop up the rest of my army. I abandoned the building to cause some damage but swiftly re garrisoned it for the points. Mike played a good point denial game with a handful of his units being left on minimal numbers but proving difficult to finish off. Loss to me but still 8-12.

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