Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vampire Counts for Homecon and Cairn Wraith

First off a finished Cairn Wraith. A very simple model but along with the other new plastic character models for WHFP very well designed. The colour palette is that which I will be using for the new Vampire Count models I have and will get in the future.

Here is my list for Homecon in just over a week.

Unless I'm very lucky, at the event itself will be the first time I will get a chance to play with the new army book and the army as a whole. In theory the list should work but as Pete Dunn pointed out on Fields of Blood this week it really is experience that improves your game. With that in mind what better 'deep end' is there than to have a fun tournament with great people in a nice environment and learn whole lot of stuff very quickly.

Strigoi Ghoul King, Ogre Blade, Dragonbane Gem, Other Trickster's Shard, Red fury 370
Master Necromancer, Level 4, Dispel Scroll 225

Vampire, Heavy Armour, Shield, Aura of Dark Majesty, Fear Incarnate, Cursed Book, Seed of Regeneration 201
Cairn Wraith 60
Tomb Banshee 95

20 Zombies, Standard, Musician 70
34 Skeletons, Full Command, Screaming Banner 225
29 Ghouls 290
5 Dire Wolves 40

29 Grave Guard w/GW, Full Command, Banner of Barrows 428
2 Spirit Hosts 90
2 Fell Bats 32
2 Fell Bats 32

Mortis Engine with Blasphemous Tome 240

Total 2398

With the Mortis Engine as a buff the magic should be fairly strong against some lists so that should keep the horde a shambling. Plenty of combat punch spread about with the characters and Grave guard. Some synergy with the Mortis Engine providing and enhancing some regeneration saves in the list.

Took a long time to come up with this using what I own or could comfortably buy. Only thing I would like to add in the future is a Terrorgheist for sure.

No Hexwraiths even though I own a box as I think they will become stranded away from the general very quickly, will try them in a cavalry list where a Vampire Lord in a Black Knight bus is a key unit.


  1. are you going to come to runefang with a similiar list?


  2. Probably can't make it to Runefang

  3. Shame, Oh well.
    Btw I forgot to mention, your list looks good.
    Going to be quite a slow army I think however

    Good Luck!

  4. I see you're the only VC player attending. You must represent us well!

    I like the cold blueish tone of the wraith, the chill of death seems to eminate from it.